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After coming to a knee pain workshop at Hayes Physical Therapy I decided to try their class IV laser treatment. I had been living with chronic knee pain for several years. I had one total knee replacement in 2011, Initially successful until bone spurs grew in that knee and I was back dealing with pain again. Because of this, I decided not to have my other knee replaced which was painful as well.

I saw online that I could try laser and therapy for a potential pain-free life. I doubted that would work however I was wrong.

Klida Shank with Chris Hayes


Before having laser therapy my pain levels were 10 out of 10 on both knees bringing me to tears and requiring me to use my walker 3-4 times a week.

After my first session of laser on both knees, I walked out without pain for 4 days, 0 out of 10 pain! Over the course of 10 laser treatments, I have become pain-free and do not need the use of my walker. I am so grateful for Hayes Physical Therapist care, knowledge, treatment, and laser therapy. I am a totally happy client. I have told many people I know about my success in dealing with my painful knees.

Erica has been instrumental in my recovery from a complex cervical
surgery. When I first came to this office I was in pain and wearing a
cervical collar. I had an extremely limited range of motion in my
neck. It is now 4 months since that visit, and I am feeling well and
confident in performing ALL my daily activities. My range of motion
and muscle strength have returned. I am back enjoying my favorite
activities like teaching, swimming, hiking, and walking longer

Alina March with Erica DeLuca


Erica always welcomed me with a smile and made me feel cared for. She developed and implemented a treatment plan to meet my needs and goals. Her expertise and excellent interpersonal communication and organization skills made it easy for me to be engaged. I was motivated to work hard! Erica genuinely cares for her patients. I always looked forward to my next session. I am thankful to Erica for the tools that she has provided me to manage my daily routine and pain. I am now ready to move on to my next step.

Erica is magical! Not only is she exceptionally competent, but she is extremely patient and personable. I suffer from chronic, acute bouts of sciatic, piriformis ant. I have joint pain and discomfort. Sometimes these are brought on by exercise (Pickleball) yet other times these seem to start with no known origin. Not only has Erica removed my current pain but has equipped me with new, creative exercises & tools to be proactive in my wellness journey. Thank you Erica + Hayes PT. I know this will be a lifelong partnership! 

Stephanie Moriarty with Erica DeLuca



Our physical therapy practice and integrated healing center was newly renovated in May 2007 and is structured out of an old stucco home over 100 years of age. We
believe this setting is not only an extremely intimate and
comfortable environment for healing but also supports our dedication to a one-on-one approach to physical therapy.

Our physical therapists and integrative practitioners offer the best of both traditional and complementary treatment.

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