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Titleist Performance Institute Medical Certification

When we ask our golf clients what they would like to do better in golf, most reply hit the ball farther and take a couple of strokes off their game. We would agree hit longer, AND play longer and play painfree to that list! Many golfers struggle with making consistent shots and find themselves adapting their golf swing to compensate for mobility and stability issues throughout the body. The more a golfer compensates, the less efficient they become setting themselves up for inconsistent play and possible injuries. This is where the TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Body Exam and K-Vest Swing Assessment comes in!

The TPI exam offers both a body and power exam to quickly highlight where a golfer is struggling with mobility, stability, power/speed requirements needed for golf. The TPI “body exam” is your first step! This 16 top tier exam will quickly point us in the right direction to address these mobility and stability issues with specific functional exercises designed to improve your golf game. In addition, if your body needs any hands-on work, our Medical Level TPI golf practitioners are here to jump in mobilizing those stubborn joints and muscles.

Poor movements in the body often lead to compensatory swing patterns such as loss of posture or early extension which are the 2 most common of the Big 12 Swing Faults or Characteristics.

Our next step is to capture your swing through our wireless K-Vest 3 dimensional system. Here we can see objectively where your swing needs the most work from your set-up posture, top of the swing, impact and follow through capturing any of the 12 common swing characteristics that may be hindering consistency, efficiency, speed etc in your golf game.

Using the data from both the TPI exam and K-vest Exam we are able to design specific programs combining the best of both worlds…exercise correctives and biofeedback golf drills using the k-vest system. With K-vest technology, your body learns and feels the proper motor patterns needed for golf. For those advanced golfers, we even play with your balance between lead and trail legs with eyes open, eyes closed, using ½ foam rollers to challenge you to consistently own those postures! Many players on the tour, such as Ricky Fowler, Jon Rahm, Charlie Hoffman to name a few, use K-vest and TPI exercise throughout the year especially in the off season to work on their game!

Whether you are an advanced amateur golfer, professional or beginner, TPI and Kvest are your next steps toward improving your game. Both programs will be tailored to your specific needs to enhance your golf skills and prevent injury, while preserving longevity in the sport you love!

Let Us Measure, Analyze, Assess and Train you for your best golf game yet!

Want or need to work Virtual….No Problem. We can easily perform the TPI golf exam and get you set up with golf correctives long distance or virtual!

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This is the technology we use in your assessment and treatment!