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What is Laser Therapy?

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Laser therapy using our Diowave Laser System is a non-invasive and affordable treatment option that speeds up natural healing through deep penetration of infrared light in a process called Photobiomodulation (PBM). Pain and swelling may be reduced after only 1 treatment.




“After coming to a knee pain workshop at Hayes Physical Therapy I decided to try their class IV laser treatment. I had been living with chronic knee pain for several years. I had one total knee replacement in 2011, Initially successful until bone spurs grew in that knee and I was back dealing with pain again. Because of this, I decided not to have my other knee replaced which was painful as well.

I saw online that I could try laser and therapy for a potential pain-free life. I doubted that would work however I was wrong. Before having laser therapy my pain levels were 10 out of 10 on both knees bringing me to tears and requiring me to use my walker 3-4 times a week.

After my first session of laser on both knees, I walked out without pain for 4 days, 0 out of 10 pain! Over the course of 10 laser treatments, I have become pain-free and do not need the use of my walker. I am so grateful for Hayes Physical Therapist care, knowledge, treatment, and laser therapy. I am a totally happy client. I have told many people I know about my success in dealing with my painful knees.”

–Klida Shank (above)

How Does It Work?

When the laser is placed on your skin, the light penetrates deeply and gets absorbed in the cells of your muscles. Just like how plants use light from the sun to grow, your body uses the light from the laser to repair itself. When you get injured, you go through 3 phases of healing:

  1. Inflammation
    The injured area gets red and puffy and might even feel a little warm to the touch. This is your body’s natural response to any injury. Unfortunately, the swelling you experience can be painful. Imagine you are trying to put your foot in your shoe. On any normal day, this is no problem and causes you no pain. However, if you put on three layers of socks, space in your shoe quickly disappears and after walking for a little bit you start to get blisters. Your body has the exact same response when an injury occurs! Inflammation is just blood flowing into that area to help heal the damaged tissue. Increased blood flow creates less space for movement in that area, which results in pain.
  2. Repair
    This is where Laser Therapy starts to come into play. Your body will increase blood flow to an injured area in order to bring in cells that can repair the damaged tissue. Laser Therapy and the process of PBM speed up the healing process by giving energy to the cells that are responsible for healing tissue, therefore decreasing the amount of time that someone can spend in the Inflammation stage.
  3. Remodeling
    The final stage of the healing process is remodeling. This simply means training the repaired tissue to perform all the tasks that it had performed prior to injury. Laser Therapy is still beneficial in this stage because not all of the tissue is repaired by this point. The most beneficial thing you can do at this stage of healing is to come to Physical Therapy. With the help of a therapist, you can regain normal movement and improve the strength in the repaired tissue so that you never injure that body part again for the foreseeable future.

Will it Work for Me?

If you are in pain, have swelling, or an injury that is old and nagging or is more recent, Laser Therapy may be a treatment option for you. This treatment is a game-changer for rehabilitation. Decreased time in pain means faster tissue repair and remodeling. This can mean quicker recovery and less money coming out of your pocket for medical care. Patients who have used Laser Therapy in combination with Physical Therapy have prevented surgery, cancelled injections, and have stopped taking pain medications all together!

Laser therapy is currently used by most professional sports teams to get their athletes back in action quickly. Laser therapy is a recommended therapy for many types of injury:

  • disc issues, low back pain, sciatica
  • sprains, strains & sports injuries
  • neck pain, shoulder & knee injuries
  • tendonitis, foot & ankle injuries
  • for surgery healing

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