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Testimonials from Our Patients

I came to this practice in August 2018, after experiencing nerve pain in L5/S1. A year prior I’d herniated that disk and thought I’d improved enough. But swimming only 10 laps in July caused the pain to flare up, lower back and calf pain.

In August 2017 I had some nerve pain in lower back, pain in my left calf resulting from herniation, balance issues due to numb left foot. I’d stopped doing any type of exercise except walking. I was fearful to bend forward fully.

Now, in late November my balance is much better. We have been working to strengthen my left side and left foot and it has been successful. We worked on strengthening my inner core, which is something I’d never done before. This has helped strengthen my back greatly. I have learned how to tilt/scoop/stretch to alleviate any back discomfort.

New activities – I can now do most of a yoga class with no pain. I can carefully carry heavy things, having learned better body mechanics. My posture is improving due to targeted exercises. My balance on my left side is much better, as we’ve worked together to tweak exercises specific to my needs. I can now swim laps, lift small weights, do yoga and look forward to continuing to increase my physical activity.

Denise Glennon

The 1st problem was a disc in my neck partially occluded my left neural foramin. This caused pain down my left arm into my hand with parastheseas. After the epidural in my neck I was much better but was left with tingling in my thumb and index finger. With PT the tingling is gone and I am completely better. The exercises worked very well. I was AMAZED!

The 2nd problem was my ankles especially the left ankle. I sprained both of them on uneven patio and lost ROM in my left ankle. With manipulation my ankle and exercises my ROM has greatly improved.

The 3rd problem was pain in my right hip and bursa. This improved greatly with PT exercises and manipulations.

Bob is GREAT! He helped me more than anyone else, as I saw him the most out of the practice.

Everyone I saw was very knowledgeable and nice.

Wendy Solis

When I first started at Hayes Physical Therapy, I was 1 month out of in-house-rehab and 2 weeks out of a back/neck brace after 4 months of wearing it all day, every day. As  a result of a serious car accident four months earlier. I was a bit of a bionic woman with a shoulder reconstruction, a pin in my pelvis and a fractured vertebrae in my back. My posture was bad and my ability to sit or stand for any length of time was practically nonexistent, I started a twice a week program at Hayes PT primarily with Stephanie Bean. I became less anxious and could sit and stand a little longer. I could turn my neck. I became less anxious going up and down stairs. Overall I became more confident and started doing more. I even overcame my fear of driving! I feel so much better about everything as a result of the benefits of physical therapy and the team at Hayes PT!

Pat Burns

I had back trouble and pains for quite a while. I began the process of trying to determine the cause and mentioned it to my friend Sheila Stankina. Sheila told me about Chris and how she was so helpful to her. I immediately booked my 1st session with Chris. It was a blessing to have confidence in my doctors and in Chris to do everything possible to help me. While my scoliosis will not be fixed, I have learned how strengthening my core and other muscles helps relieve strain. My side pains and back pains have been greatly helped. My fatigue and lack of stamina (due to pain as well as hesitation to exercise) is slowly improving. Chris and team especially Sara and Stephanie explain things so well. Understanding the causes and how to strengthen the support system were so helpful to me. This is a life long path for me. Thank you again for all your help! You are a very special group.

Cathy Lory