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Testimonials from Our Patients

When I first came to Hayes Physical Therapy, I literally crawled in the door in severe pain from 3 failed back surgeries. I was out of options. I tried everything from acupuncture, myofascial release, cranio-sacral, several failed injections, spinal fusions, medical marijuana and heavy-duty narcotics. I even had 2 spinal cord stimulators implanted to provide pain relief which also did not work. I was in total body pain, severe spasms like a knife stabbing me all the time with every move I made and every step I took. I was feeling hopeless, and life was unbearable every minute of every day.

When Hayes Physical Therapy called me with a new alternative in their practice, class 4 laser, I jumped at the chance for any pain relief. I began receiving the diowave laser treatments 3x/week and after 6-8 visits, I started having a few hours during the day when I had no pain anywhere in my body, which was unbelievable. After 10 visits, I was able to climb 4 flights of stairs without pain which I hadn’t done in years! I began walking without pain, sleeping without pain, and able to food shop without having to abandon my shopping cart after 10 minutes due to pain! My entire body that was once on fire with severe nerve pain has now become incredibly so much better! I am off all pain narcotics, now able to exercise in the pool, and have a dramatic new lease on life after 5 years of pain!

This treatment has saved my life literally, I don’t think I would still be here without it!

Jim Dannaker

After coming to a knee pain workshop at Hayes Physical Therapy I decided to try their class IV laser treatment. I had been living with chronic knee pain for several years. I had one total knee replacement in 2011, Initially successful until bone spurs grew in that knee and I was back dealing with pain again. Because of this, I decided not to have my other knee replaced which was painful as well.

I saw online that I could try laser and therapy for a potential pain-free life. I doubted that would work however I was wrong. Before having laser therapy my pain levels were 10 out of 10 on both knees bringing me to tears and requiring me to use my walker 3-4 times a week.

After my first session of laser on both knees, I walked out without pain for 4 days, 0 out of 10 pain! Over the course of 10 laser treatments, I have become pain-free and do not need the use of my walker. I am so grateful for Hayes Physical Therapist care, knowledge, treatment, and laser therapy. I am a totally happy client. I have told many people I know about my success in dealing with my painful knees.

Klida Shank

“ As a two time surgical patient, I’m no stranger to low back pain injury and severe pain. Through joint mobilization, focused DioWave Class 4 Laser, and the DC Current Treatment in the Neubie by NeuFit- my mobility was greatly increased and nearly pain free after just TWO visits with Christine; after 4 visits I was moving freely with ZERO pain. Truly miraculous care and healing is going on at this practice!”

Mike Welsh

“When I first arrived at Hayes PT I was in acute pain, unable to walk unassisted without help from my husband or a walker. I had herniated my lumbar disc 3 days before simply getting up from my desk chair. I had started the usual regimen ‘throwing the kitchen sink’ at it including oral steroids and muscle relaxers, to no avail. Chris displayed a confident reassuring attitude as she worked on me with the Laser and the Neubie. Within one week I was able to walk unassisted. I had seen a back doctor who had set me up for an epidural steroid and I canceled it! I am now 5 1⁄2 weeks out and I can say that I am much, much better. As a family doctor who has had over 33 years of experience, seeing my fair share of herniated disc patients, I can literally say I have never seen anyone who was as debilitated as I was initially who has recovered as fast as I did. I believe this quick recovery is entirely due to Chris’ diagnostic abilities and her use of the cutting edge technology of the Laser and Neubie. #HighlyRecommend”

Pat Lotito

“I had injections in both shoulders that didn’t help. I happened to see that Chris offered a
shoulder workshop which I attended shortly after I started PT with Tyler. He worked with me through shoulder and neck issues and I can finally say I am pretty much pain free. The whole place is kind and caring and feels like they are old friends. I thoroughly recommend the facility to anyone that needs PT and would not hesitate to return if needed.”
Deb Stevens

“My left shoulder pain was continuing to increase over the past several months, reducing
mobility and function, throbbing at night, etc. SO happy to learn of the shoulder course where it was recommended that I be evaluated and began therapy. Great progress over the past month to the point where I’m pain free! Iain has been a wonderful therapist and the entire team was very positive, upbeat, and encouraging. Highly recommend this practice! Thank you!”

Mark Stepanik

“I started my journey at Hayes Physical Therapy and had no idea the life changing impact it
would have! Initially I started coming to physical therapy in a desperate search for help with never ending dizziness, having exhausted every type of doctor and test, and truly feeling nothing would help. When your body feels off, especially as it relates to headaches and dizziness, your world itself feels off. My day to day tasks were impacted. My sleep was impacted. But Hayes PT turned it around. They solved something I thought was unsolvable, and improved my quality of life in a way I can’t begin to have enough gratitude for! While going there for treatment, I mentioned to Ryan that my hip had been bothering me, and seemingly just kept feeling worse as time went on. Ryan suggested I see a doctor and get some imaging done, concerned it could be something requiring more extensive care. Thankfully I did! I was told from the MRi I had a labral tear and impingement of the hip. Surgery fixed the damage, and again I saw a road ahead to ‘normal,’ that might be tough to obtain! Working with a physical therapist who not only understood physiologically what was crucial to becoming strong again, but did so with a degree of levity, kindness and humor alongside that knowledge; made me look forward to every appointment I had! I honestly feel like a new person with newfound physical strength and mental resolve. I have Ryan, and the entire staff at Hayes Physical Therapy to thank for it! You guys are awesome. I’ll miss all of you!”

Carrie Kemm




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