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  • Do you or someone you love experience numbness, tingling or burning in the hands or feet?
  • Do your feet or hands feel cold or hot?
  • Have you noticed you are more clumsy on your feet or your balance seems to be getting worse?
  • Do you have issues with dexterity in your hands when picking up items?

If you answered yes to one or more of the problems listed above, you may have peripheral neuropathy!

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

This is a condition which affects the small blood vessels and nerves of the hands and feet which become damaged and can affect both the sensory and motor portion of your nerves….basically you can have diminished sensation like numbness, tingling or temperature changes or extreme pain (burning or shooting) typically when you are resting, sleeping or when you are less active. From a motor perspective, you may have weakness or decreased strength in the location of your lower leg and lower arms.

Most common causes of Peripheral Neuropathy are Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, or Following Chemotherapy.

There are however, over 100 causes of Peripheral Neuropathy, and no matter what the cause, this condition can be very debilitating and if left untreated will likely get worse!

How can we help you with this?

The first step is to come in for an PT evaluation, or if you prefer a complimentary 20-30 min screen, though a full hour evaluation will get to the root of your issues in a more comprehensive way and is our preference through your insurance.

Our Physical Therapy 5 step Evaluation Process will examine:

  1. Blood flow or vascular compromise via your pulses, skin and nail assessment
  2. Muscle strength and flexibility, as well as joint mobility
  3. Healthy nerve flexibility via nerve glide assessment
  4. Light touch and protective sensory testing
  5. Balance

We will also rule out if this condition is coming from your neck or low back which is a different problem called radiculopathy!

Successful Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy is a 3 Prong Approach!

Step 1: Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment targeted to address deficits in Balance, Blood flow Restriction, Strengthening, Flexibility and Healthy Nerve Gliding.

Step 2: We have 2 Advanced Healing Modalities to treat Peripheral Neuropathy:

a. The Neubie by Neufit, uses DC electrical energy to find and restore disconnects in your nervous system which may be creating pain, numbness, tingling, loss of strength and balance.  This modality provides sensory input directly to the nervous system, via foot/hand baths, electric glove work and more, restoring pathways damaged by the aging process, injury, diabetes, chemotherapy and more.

b. Balance and The Neubie:  With this technology, we are able to facilitate changes to your vestibular-cochlear nerve (cranial nerve 8) located directly behind your ears.  Using the Neubie, we are able to find the disconnect in your balance, and work with your nervous system to restore these pathways, while performing various balance exercises!  For more information, www,chayespt.com/neufit-neubie

For more information, www.chayespt.com/laser, Neufit/Neubie

Step 3: Recommendations for Home Exercises, and Nutritional Guidelines to support nerve health and healing.

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