195 W Lancaster Ave #3
Paoli, PA 19301




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Sara Fortunato MT,PTA, CLT-UE

Sara graduated from the Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy (now Cortiva Institute at PSMT) in February 2006 with certification in Therapeutic/Swedish sequence. She has taken further classes to enhance skill in deep tissue, Reflexology, and hot stone therapy. Since her completion of school, she has embraced the world of medical massage and works as a Physical Therapist Assistant in The Office of Christine F. Hayes PT PC and The Integrated Healing Center. Sara sees physical therapy clients for massage as well as private clients referred from the community at The Integrated Healing Center located within The Offices of Christine F. Hayes, PT, PC in Paoli, Pa. Her work as a PTA enables Sara to enhance her hands on work with knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology and positioning to maximize the benefit of massage therapy and healing experience. Sara customizes every massage session to fit the client’s needs and is versed in a variety of massage techniques including soft tissue, deep tissue, trigger point release, myofascial release, reflexology, and hot stone therapy.

Reflexology, a modality traditionally done solely on the hands and feet, s based on the belief that every organ and body system had a corresponding point on the hands and feet. by working these areas with a specific series of passes, both the area of massage and its corresponding are receive the benefits.

Hot Stone therapy is similar to Therapeutic massage in its style and sequence. Polished volcanic rocks are heated and hen used to soothe the entire body. Hot stone therapy is especially beneficial for stress relief, muscle soreness/tightness, cramping and trouble sleeping.

  • Hot Stone Therapy – $110 (75 minutes)
  • Deep Tissue – $80 (60 minutes) $40 (30 minutes)
  • Reflexology – $80 (60 minutes) $40 (30 minutes)
  • Therapeutic/Swedish Technique – $80 (60 minutes) $40 (30 minutes)