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Orthotic Fabrications


What is an Orthotic Shoe/Sneaker Insert?

An orthotic shoe insert is sometimes simply called an orthotic, but may also be called an arch support or even an orthotic devise. An orthotic fits into your shoe/sneaker – preferably a lace-up’ style – after it is molded and shaped by your physical therapist.

An orthotic insert can reduce the stresses and strains of standing and walking so that your leg or foot ailment has a better chance to heal and eventually stop hurting. Not all shoe inserts (or shoes for that matter) are created equal, however. Since foot types and foot problems vary substantially between individuals, even between your own feet, selecting an orthotic shoe insert that is most appropriate for your specific needs is the key.

How do I know if I need custom-made orthotics?

You may benefit from using orthotic shoe inserts if you have the following:

  • flat feet or high arches
  • knees that turn inward or bow outward
  • heel/arch pain, ankle pain
  • shin pain (shin splints)
  • knee or hip pain not associated with an injury
  • bunions
  • thick calluses on your feet
  • sacro-iliac dysfunction or unexplained low back pain
  • Uneven show wear
  • off the shelf orthotics do not relieve symptoms

People of all ages and activity levels may benefit from orthotics, including runners and those who must stand for long hours during the day. Many of the conditions listed above may be a result of faulty alignment from the ground up.

Consulting an expert is key!

CHRISTINE F. HAYES PT PC – Physical Therapy is uniquely qualified to assess and treat your lower extremity dysfunction. Our expertise and extensive training in anatomy, kinesiology, injuries, orthotic fabrication and rehabilitation make our holistic approach the best choice in healing, wellness and optimal athletic performance! Our 1 hr. evaluation will assess posture, gait analysis, strength, flexibility, balance, shoe wear assessment, special testing for orthopedic injuries, orthotic screenings and casting when applicable.

Your Next Step

Call our office to set up your Physical Therapy Evaluation at 610-695-9913, covered by most insurances.

As a “direct access provider”, we do not need a physical therapy prescription for your evaluation or treatment with the exception of Medicare patients.

Please allow 1 hr. for your evaluation which will include an orthotic casting, if warranted, and a home exercise program for any troublesome areas discovered in your evaluation.

are the best on the market and affordably priced for $275 (most insurances do not cover). Comparative orthotics range $400 to $500.

are perfect for dress shoes, narrow athletic wear such as cleats, biking shoes etc. This product is fabricated in-house and client’s leave with this product the same day! Reasonably priced for $100.

Perform at your absolute best…restore your balance from the ground up.